Sector Rotation: Energy Services is the Best-Performing Sector

The comparison of the three-month returns of the 40 Fidelity Select sector funds shows a wide performance gap between the best and the worst sectors:

Investments in natural resources gained the most. The combination of the rollout of COVID19 vaccinations, expectations for additional fiscal stimulus, and a rebounding economy can continue to fuel the gains, in our view. In this group, the Fidelity Select Energy Services Fund (FSESX) is the top performer (Chart 1).

Chart 1.

Higher interest rates and the steepening of the yield curve benefitted stocks in financial services. The Fidelity Select Banking Fund (FSRBX) shows the best gain in this group (Chart 2).

Chart 2.

The rebound of economic activity, higher savings rates, and anticipated easing of the pandemic related restrictions can further increase consumer spending. Travel and other leisure investments are especially poised for a rebound. We think that the Fidelity Select Consumer Discretionary Fund (FSCPX) is positioned well for a strong performance in 2021 (chart 4).

Chart 3.

The weakest sector fund in our survey is the Fidelity Select Gold Fund (FSAGX), as the relative performance of gold stocks vs. the S&P 500 index (shown in the bottom panel of Chart 4) continues to trend lower.

Chart 4.

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Global Equity Markets in Turmoil Due to Fears About Rising U.S. Interest Rates; Best and Worst Investments in a Highly Volatile Market

Long-term U.S. Treasury yields have been rising in the last four weeks, as traders anticipate the Fed to raise rates possibly as early as June. In addition, the dollar has continued to make impressive gains against all major currencies, as quantitative easing in Europe and Japan is under way.



The potential for rising interest rates in the U.S. and the steep rise of the dollar has led to a sell off of equities, bonds and commodities around the globe.

The S&P 500 index has retreated from its recent high and now in negative territory for the year. In spite of rising volatility, the chart of the benchmark Fidelity Spartan U.S. Equity Index Fund (FUSEX) shows that the long-term trend for U.S. equities is still bullish:


Another important development is that commodities and oil continue to deflate, reversing the short-lived rally in January:




In light of the rising dollar, the bear market in commodities and weak economic conditions in international markets, it is not surprising to see the Fidelity Select Energy Services Fund (FSESX), the Fidelity Select Gold Fund (FSAGX) and the Fidelity Latin America Fund (FLATX) amongst the weakest performers year-to-date:




The few sweet spots in the current market are sectors that are not sensitive to interest rates and rely on innovation to create growth. Perhaps the most notable is the health care sector, including biotechnology stocks:


The dynamic interplay of equities, bonds, currencies and commodities is shifting market conditions again. We continue to favor a conservative, risk averse investment approach in 2015.

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