Sentiment is Turning Bullish Again; Five Sectors that can Lead the Market Higher

Strong earnings and a potential breakthrough in the negotiations with North Korea made investors feel more cheerful and caused a broad rally in the stock market.


Equity markets around the globe rallied in recent days, but the U.S. market continues to be the leader.

Rising tensions in the Middle-East and the strengthening dollar resulted in the energy and natural resources sectors becoming the strongest performers in the last three months (see article):




Large-cap real estate stocks also rallied, as we highlighted earlier (see more):



We also like the bullish trends in technology, medical devices, and financials sectors:





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The Best Fidelity Real Estate Funds for Portfolio Diversification

Recent reports suggested that both mortgage activity and new housing starts are slowing, which may steer cautious investors away from real estate companies that are involved in the residential space. However, real estate stocks can continue to be attractive investments, as long-term interest rates continue to decline:


We highlight here two excellent Fidelity funds that can be used for portfolio diversification. The first is the Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio (FRESX), which invests in large cap real estate companies, such as the Simon Property Group, Public Storage and Ventas. Lower interest rates will help these companies by lowering the borrowing costs for capital-intensive projects and will also make their yield more attractive compared to bonds.

The three-year chart below shows that the net asset value of FRESX peaked out a year ago, which was followed by price consolidation in the second half of 2013. As interest rates started to decline in January, FRESX started a new uptrend and continues to outperform the broad market indexes.


The second fund is the Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund (FRIFX), which we have highlighted before, as one the top income investments for 2014 (see article). FRIFX invests in debt obligations and preferred stock of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and currently provides an attractive 4.54% yield. The chart pattern is very bullish with FRIFX resuming its uptrend in January that has not been interrupted ever since:



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