The Natural Resources Boom of 2021: The Best-Performing Fidelity Funds

With long-term interest rates rising rapidly and the potential for higher inflation, it is not surprising to see investments in natural resources, such as energy, outperforming the broad market by a wide margin (Chart 1). The declining strength of the U.S. dollar vs. other currencies is also an important contributing factor, since many of the commodities are priced in dollar terms.

Chart 1.

Out of the 40 Fidelity Select sector funds, Energy Services (FSESX) is the best performer (Chart 2).

Chart 2.

Large integrated oil companies are also benefiting from higher oil prices and renewed interest from investors (Chart 3).

Chart 3.

The 5-year chart of the Fidelity Select Natural Resources Fund (FNARX) shows that there is plenty of runway left before reaching the previous high in 2018 (Chart 4). This is in sharp contrast to most equity sector funds, which already surpassed their previous highs.

Chart 4.

In a previous article, I highlighted the Fidelity Global Commodity Stock Index Fund (FFGCX) as another excellent mutual fund that allows investing in the natural resources boom. FFGCX continues to make higher highs and higher lows while outperforming the S&P500 index (Chart 5).

Chart 5.

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Sector Rotation: Fidelity’s Select Funds Outperform the Market Indexes; Emerging Markets Continue Sell Off

Fidelity Select Consumer Discretionary Fund (FSCPX, last change: 1.18%)

The U.S. stock market regained the bullish momentum today with 82.5% of the Fidelity Select sector funds closing higher. The top gainer was the Fidelity Select Consumer Discretionary Fund (FSCPX, last change: 1.18%). FSCPX has returned 13.65% year-to-date handily beating the return of the S&P 500 index.

Fidelity Select Multimedia Fund (FBMPX, last change: 1.06%)

One of our favorite sector funds in 2013 is the Fidelity Select Multimedia Fund (FBMPX, last change: 1.06%). FBMPX is one of the top 10 Fidelity mutual funds based on the daily ranking provided by FBMPX holds an impressive list of media companies that generate broadcast, online and print content. It seems that content is king in 2013.

Fidelity Emerging Europe, Middle East Fund (FEMEX, last change: -0.68%)

Emerging markets continue to under perform this year. The newest addition to the list of funds in a bearish downtrend is the Fidelity Emerging Europe and Middle East Fund (FEMEX, last change: -0.68%). We continue to underweight investments in emerging markets and focus on the best U.S. sectors for generating investment returns.

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