Large Price Drop of Multiple Fidelity Funds is due to Capital Gains Distribution

Investors may have been alarmed by the large price drops of several Fidelity funds at the end of the Friday trading session. The drop in the net asset value (NAV) of these funds was largely due to the distribution of capital gains, which happens periodically. For more details click below:

Here are a few examples of Fidelity funds with large price drops:








The Fidelity Fund is One of the Oldest and Still One of the Best Mutual Funds Around

How old is the Fidelity Fund (FFIDX)? Well, the fund interception takes us back to April 30, 1930, just after the famous stock market crash of 1929. Now, for an investment fund to survive 84 years of market crashes, the strategy must be solid and the managers must be doing a lot of things right.

FFIDX is a large growth fund that holds 94% of its assets in U.S. stocks (source: Morningstar). What makes the Fidelity Fund exciting for 2014 is that FFIDX is now the highest ranked broadly diversified Fidelity mutual fund (source: FidelitySignal):



The Bull Market Continues; Fidelity’s Automotive Fund Reaches New 52-Week High

Fidelity Select Automotive Fund (FSAVX, last change: 1.94%)

The Fidelity Select Automotive Fund (FSAVX, last change: 1.94%) was the best performing Fidelity fund today. FSAVX also reached a new 52-week high, which represents a bullish chart pattern for the sector.


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Bull Corner: Stellar Performance by Emerging Markets Income Fund


The Fidelity New Markets Income Fund (FNMIX, last change: 0.34%) is now the top bond fund based on its 2012 performance in our daily survey of Fidelity funds. The 4.79% yield has contributed to the stellar 16.99% year-to-date return by FNMIX.

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