Huge Market Rally Today as Investors Hope for the Resolution of the Government Shutdown; Fidelity China Region Fund Rises to the Top

Fidelity China Region Fund (FHKCX, last change: 1.08%)

The Fidelity China Region Fund (FHKCX, last change: 1.08%) is currently the best Fidelity mutual fund, based on the fund ranking provided by The increasingly positive tone of the news in the last three months suggests that that the Chinese economy is in a better shape, than previously thought. As the result, the Chinese stock market has entered into a strong bull market.


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Top international fund of 2012: Chinese stocks are on the move, which has made the Fidelity China Region fund (FHKCX) a winner

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The Fidelity China Region fund (FHKCX, change: 2.07%) gained the most out of all the Fidelity mutual funds today. In spite of the general market pullback, Chinese stocks posted an impressive gain and overtook the Fidelity Latin America fund (FLATX) as the top international fund of 2012. FHKCX is up now 15.18% year-to-date. Also notable is the increasing momentum of India's stock market. A great way to participate in this dynamic region is through the Fidelity Emerging Asia (FSEAX) fund.