Real Estate Continues to Outperform the Market in 2014

In previous articles we highlighted the real estate sector as one of the most exciting investment areas for 2014. A large increase of home sales sent homebuilding stocks higher yesterday. As the result, the Fidelity Select Construction and Housing Fund (FSHOX) gained 1.87% and was the best performing Fidelity fund of the day. The blue line on the chart shows that the relative strength of FSHOX (the ratio of the price of the fund versus the S&P 500 index) continues to improve:


We also made a bullish call for the Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund (FRIFX) on the first trading day of January (see article) and the chart shows that FRIFX has indeed performed well so far this year. FRIFX is an excellent income fund that provides a respectable 4.72% yield (source: Morningstar) and the potential for price appreciation:


The Fidelity Real Estate Fund (FRESX) holds large cap stocks in the space. The chart pattern shows a bullish breakout that started in January:


The improving U.S. economy can continue to lift the real estate sector higher this year, but investments in this sector can also be highly volatile. That is why diversification across of different types of real estate investments is key (see the real estate model portfolio at FidelitySignal):




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