Top 10 Fidelity Mutual Funds

Stock markets around the world rallied in response to the military strike against Syria being put on hold. How did Fidelity mutual funds perform?

The table below shows the ranked list of the top 10 Fidelity mutual funds based on their three-month return.  The best-performing Fidelity fund remains the Fidelity Select Biotechnology  (FBIOX) fund, followed by the Fidelity Select Automotive (FSAVX) and the Fidelity Nordic (FNORX) funds.

Most notable is the rise of international investments in the top 10 list, which now includes the Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies (FJSCX) fund.

The best-performing Fidelity mutual funds have returned 10 – 17% in the last three months, handily beating the 4.43% return of the benchmark Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Fund (FUSEX).

Currently, the weakest performers are the Fidelity Spartan Long-Term Treasury Bond (FLBIX), the Fidelity Municipal Income (FHIGX) and the Fidelity Tax-Free Bond (FTABX) funds.

Top 10 Fidelity Mutual Funds

Top 10 Fidelity Mutual Funds


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