Review: Armageddon Portfolio

The stock markets around the globe are experiencing a dramatic sell-off today. Fears of a double-dip recession in the U.S. and the potential acceleration of the European debt crisis are increasing.

On a day like today, when markets plunge in panic, it is good to see that defensive strategies are available to individual investors. One of our favorites is the website. The site advocates a conservative, but flexible strategy that involves investing in bond mutual funds.

The site also provides buy, hold and sell signals to scale in or out of investment areas, so investors have the option to convert holdings into a money market fund in highly risky situations.  The Armageddon Portfolio is a model portfolio displayed on the site to track the results of investing using the flexible bond fund strategy.

The results are impressive. was able to move investments into cash reserve in time before the recent market turmoil, but still show a positive year-to-date return for the Armageddon portfolio.



2 thoughts on “Review: Armageddon Portfolio

  1. Fantastic insight into the market trends. Your analysis of how emotions play in the market are so accurate if you look at the historical data. Thank you for the newsletter it is a very effective tool that I use as a new investor in the market.

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