On the move: world markets and commodities rally on Greek support plan

One of the biggest gainers today was the Fidelity Select Transportation (FSRFX, up 2.80%) fund. FSRFX has rebounded from it’s 100-day moving average (MA100) and continues in a bullish trend.

The leaders in the transportation group, the airline stocks, continue to outperform the market with the Fidelity Select Air Transportation (FSAIX, up 2.60%) advancing towards new a new high.

Natural resource funds which hold gold, natural gas and oil companies, moved up impressively today. The strongest move came from the Fidelity Select Gold (FSAGX, up 3.79%) fund. FSAGX will have to rise above it’s 100-day moving average to enter an uptrend.

The strongest international fund today was the Fidelity Canada (FICDX, up 2.44%) fund. This is not surprising as the Canadian economy is one of the largest producers of commodities. FICDX held the recent lows and on the verge of entering an uptrending phase.


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